LEXINGTON, N.C. — Red Bird Peppermint Puffs have been around for more than a century. “There’s really a nostalgic tint to the peppermint candy; people are really familiar and always say their grandparents had it around,” said Piedmont Candy Company’s Director of Marketing Jenna Paquin. Paquin said the hand-crafted candy is known for the way […]

Piedmont Candy Company Turns out an NC Tradition


The Piedmont Candy Company in Lexington has delivered Christmas cheer to North Carolina families for generations. Its most popular candies — Red Bird peppermint sticks and puffs — are an iconic flavor of the holidays. Their name gives a nod to the North Carolina state bird, the cardinal, though their popularity reaches well beyond state lines. The candy is […]

Lexington candy company known for its sweet treats


LEXINGTON, N.C. — While it has become the taste of Christmas, the sweet treats turned out by the Piedmont Candy Company keeps people smiling year-round. To be ready for Christmas, they have to start in July. They are basically the last of their kind in the United States. All of their competition has either moved […]

Meet North Carolina’s Candy Makers


Piedmont Candy Company This candy outfit is rooted in Lexington, North Carolina history, established in the year 1890. Piedmont Candy makes gluten-free puffed mints and candies out of pure cane sugar. A variety of flavors are offered under the brand name Red Bird, from lemon to cinnamon. The company’s staple candy is its peppermint puffs, […]