LEXINGTON, N.C. — Red Bird Peppermint Puffs have been around for more than a century. “There’s really a nostalgic tint to the peppermint candy; people are really familiar and always say their grandparents had it around,” said Piedmont Candy Company’s Director of Marketing Jenna Paquin. Paquin said the hand-crafted candy is known for the way […]

Piedmont Candy Company Turns out an NC Tradition


The Piedmont Candy Company in Lexington has delivered Christmas cheer to North Carolina families for generations. Its most popular candies — Red Bird peppermint sticks and puffs — are an iconic flavor of the holidays. Their name gives a nod to the North Carolina state bird, the cardinal, though their popularity reaches well beyond state lines. The candy is […]

Lexington candy company known for its sweet treats


LEXINGTON, N.C. — While it has become the taste of Christmas, the sweet treats turned out by the Piedmont Candy Company keeps people smiling year-round. To be ready for Christmas, they have to start in July. They are basically the last of their kind in the United States. All of their competition has either moved […]

Meet North Carolina’s Candy Makers


Piedmont Candy Company This candy outfit is rooted in Lexington, North Carolina history, established in the year 1890. Piedmont Candy makes gluten-free puffed mints and candies out of pure cane sugar. A variety of flavors are offered under the brand name Red Bird, from lemon to cinnamon. The company’s staple candy is its peppermint puffs, […]

Watch as peppermint happens … Red Bird earns its candy stripes


BY KATHLEEN PURVIS LEXINGTON, NC Let’s get this straight: The Piedmont Candy Co. doesn’t make candy canes. Candy canes are shiny. They’re crunchy. They stick to your teeth when you chew them. Piedmont Candy, the maker of Red Bird – North Carolina’s home-grown candy – makes candy sticks and candy puffs. And while some of […]

“A minted Christmas classic”


Red Bird peppermints have been around for 126 years, and are still a Holiday classic with more than 1 million bags sold the week before Christmas. A feature in North State Journal by Emory Rakestraw

Red Bird Candy: Sweet Answer To Dietary Restrictions


All-natural Red Bird Peppermint puff mints are free of common allergens and gluten LEXINGTON, NC — Sometime’s, staying true to history and tradition is the secret to success. That’s been the case for Red Bird Candy for the past 125 years. With a growing list of allergens and sensitivities impacting what we can and can’t […]

WFAE Quick Picks: Tasty Gifts For Your Last-Minute List


It’s going to be O.K. Everyone forgets a gift or two. Here’s a handful of locally-made delectables that are easy to find and nice to share at holiday gatherings. Each year, the Piedmont Candy Company makes and ships millions of mints under their Red Bird label. The puffs are pillow-y and perfect. The sticks are fun to use […]