Piedmont Candy Co. Drives Holiday Celebrations


Iconic Red Bird Peppermint puff mints sweeten festivities, decor and beverages

LEXINGTON, NC — Red Bird Peppermint puffs have been a holiday tradition for 125 years, thanks to Piedmont Candy Co. in Lexington. A staggering one million Red Bird bags, tubs and sticks are sold in the week leading up to Christmas.

“Red Bird Peppermint puffs have been a part of the Southern candy dish for generations,” says Mary Llewellyn Cox, Piedmont Candy Company vice president of sales and marketing. Thirty Red Bird mints are consumed per second. Red Bird Peppermint puffs and sticks account for almost 85 percent of the company’s business.

Peppermint-based holiday traditions abound. Many Southerners recall making “Citrus Suckers” around the Christmas holidays by cutting a hole into a ripe orange and sucking out the juice using a Red Bird Peppermint puff candy stick. The Red Bird candy stick is a perfect minty drink stir to compliment hot chocolate.

And the sweetness doesn’t stop there: the non-uniform red stripes of the Red Bird Peppermint puffs turn the candies into gorgeous festive decorative elements, as an accent to a floral arrangement or covering a wreath.

Red Bird candies are made in small batches of 100 pounds that are striped and shaped by hand, making each puff and stick unique. Founded in 1890 near where the facility stands today in Lexington, Piedmont Candy Company has improved and grown over the years thanks to modern technological advances. At the same time, they’ve held strong to the ideals and methods that have made Red Bird such an enduring favorite, including using 100 percent pure cane sugar, all natural peppermint oil and creating the stripes in Red Bird candy by hand.

Red Bird products are proudly made in North Carolina, but can be found in retail stores across the country, including Walgreens, Williams-Sonoma, CVS, Rite-Aid, A Southern Season and Lowes Foods, among others.


Since 1890, Piedmont Candy Company has been creating high quality candy in Lexington, NC. The 125 year-old business has remained family-owned-and-operated, populated with extremely passionate candy makers and employees. PCC’s unique manufacturing process, combined with the pure cane sugar ingredients, give Red Bird puffs a unique soft texture that is distinctly Southern and uniquely Red Bird. PCC is proud to be a part of the Lexington community and plans to continue adding jobs to the local economy. For more information, visit piedmontcandy.com.



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